APRIL 24, 2018


IT MUST BE ROSES appears on my 2016 CD release "Danielle French Presents: Miss Scarlett & the Madmen- Dark Love Songs" and was co-written by myself and Charley Cheney at the Holiday Music Motel, Sturgeon Bay, WI in 2012.

In this nostalgically romantic music video, Miss Scarlett informs her suitor that although there are many flowers in the world, in order to win her heart, only roses will do. It must be roses. 

DECEMBER 1, 2017

Danielle French Signs Non-Exclusive Synch Licensing Deal with Reel Muzik Werks 


 I am thrilled to announce that I have signed my first publishing deal with a highly respected, Los Angeles based publisher, Reel Muzik Werks.

Why is this such a big deal? What does a publisher do?

It's the job of a publisher to generate income for your music through film and TV music placements, advertising, etc... A reputable publisher has established relationships with music supervisors and decision makers in the film and TV industry.


Reel Muzik Werks has successfully placed music in Shameless, The Handmaid's Tale and Guardians of the Galaxy to name a few. They will be representing my full catalogue including material from all five of my independent CD releases dating back to 1995. It is my goal write and record more music in 2018 to add to their catalogue.

It's hard to know where my songs will end up and it could take some time to start seeing some results, but I will certainly keep you all posted as placements are confirmed!


NOVEMBER 25, 2017
Thanks to a generous professional development grant from the Calgary Arts Development, I am heading to Los Angeles, CA early December to attend the Sync Summit - a conference that helps connect musicians with music supervisors in order to build relationships for pitching music for film and TV placement opportunities. 


NOVEMBER 17, 2017


This song BLACK SUNDAY  appears on my latest CD "Miss Scarlett & the Madmen- Dark Love Songs" and was recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios with co-producer Tom Gordon, assistant engineer Marco Migliari and musicians including Martyn Barker on drums, Emma Harvey-Hughes on bass and Mandy Todd on haunting violin.

In a moment of inspiration, with a fog hanging in the air, creating a layer of ice on the trees, I got costumed up and self-direct, produced, shot and edited this simple, yet haunting visual to one of my favourite songs on the album. 


OCTOBER 31, 2017

   Raven Headshot



Thanks to an artist development grant from FACTOR I was able to record a brand new single this summer titled DIRTY, now available for download through CD Baby for $0.99

Maintaining the moody feel established on my 2016 release Dark Love Songs, and inspired by a dark television series that I was working on behind the scenes at the time, I was drawn to write this dark, dirty song. Recorded at Studio D in Calgary, AB with co-producer Steve Dierkens, DIRTY, features a "Gospel Choir" call and response, arranged by myself and performed by three vocalists layering our tracks in the studio. Joining me on vocals are Anne Weston (who sang live and in the studio with legendary Godfather of Soul- James Brown in the 80's) and Lisa Rouleau (of Calgary Choir Revv 52). DIRTY was mastered by Tom Gordon (who most recently worked with Whitesnake, restoring early demo and rehearsal tapes for their newly released 30 anniversary box set of the epic 1987 Whitesnake release).


OCTOBER 27 & 28, 2017

I am excited to be returning to the The Holiday Music Motel in Sturgeon Bay, WI for another week of co-writing, recording and performing with some of my favourite people in the world at the Dark Songs songwriting intensive October 22 to 28, 2017. In an effort to raise awareness of and hopefully save a historic gran elevator in the town of Sturgeon Bay, WI, we will be writing for the purpose of creating a musical of sorts. We will culminate the week of songwriting with two live performances at the Third Avenue Playhouse on Friday, October 27 and Saturday, October 28 at 7:30pm.


APRIL, 2017



STORYHIVE is a community funding program from Telus that provides $10,000 production grants to AB and BC musicians to create music videos. I have created an exciting proposal to produce a music video to my song IT MUST BE ROSES (co-written with Charlie Cheney at the Holiday Music Motel) that appears on my latest CD Danielle French Presents: Miss Scarlett & the Madmen- Dark Love Songs.


The concept for this video is to treat the song as a theatrical drama, set on an elaborate stage- it will be as if the viewer is at a play, watching the drama of the song played out on stage. I have been working in the Calgary film industry over the past few years and my contacts have offered to build a fantastical, elaborate theatre set for this project that will help triple the value of the funds received from STORYHIVE to create something truly unique.


DECEMBER 31, 2016

This wonderful news comes in as we are reflecting on 2016 and eager to bring in the New Year. 2016 saw Danielle French Presents: Miss Scarlett & the Madmen- Dark Love Songs receive extensive airplay on campus and public radio across North America and it has just been announced on CBC Radio's The Key of A Best of 2016 list!

Vents Magazine also agreed in an article this past summer that Danielle French Presents: Miss Scarlett & the Madmen- Dark Love Songs Dark Love Songs easily rates among the year’s best albums from anyone. 

Click here to View Entire Vents Magazine Article Online
Click Here to Download pdf of Vents Magazine Review


NOVEMBER 17, 2016

Just in time for my official CD release party tonight at Wine Oh's in Calgary, AB, I have been featured in The Calgary Herald talking to staff writer Mike Bell about how my new release Danielle French Presents: Miss Scarlett & the Madmen- Dark Love Songs came to be. 

CALGARY HERALD, November 17, 2016
by Mike Bell
Fate deals Calgary songwriter Danielle French a winning hand for latest album

In the case of Calgary musician Danielle French, that place was in a motel in the small town of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin of all places. And every day and in many ways, she’s thankful for what fate had in store once she got there. “It’s certainly changed my life as a writer,” French says, while sitting in Inglewood pub Swans. As to what got her there, well, a little bit of backstory is required... 


OCTOBER 24, 2016
Official Alberta CD Release Concerts Announced

Although Danielle French Presents: Miss Scarlett & the Madmen- Dark Love Songs has already been receiving generous airplay and publicity over the recent months, I have finally officially announced two Alberta CD release dates. 


AUGUST 10, 2016

The Reviews are in, Dark Love Songs Likely to be Named Best of 2016 on Several Sites
After an 8 week publicity campaign, managed by Tinderbox Music, the results and are and the reviews are rave, many outlets giving Dark Love Songs a 9 out of 10 stars and naming it one of the best albums of 2016!


You can view a full list of all the reviews in depth visit the PRESS section of this website, but here are a few highlights:

"Ms. French's music is moody and slightly peculiar and has been compared to classic artists like Kate Bush and Tom Waits. The strangely-titled Miss Scarlett & The Madmen: Dark Love Songs might just be the album to catapult Danielle's career to the next level."


“This is an unusual and intriguing album. It’s also one that’s likely to make my “best of 2016” list… There is a definite Gothic texture to this, along with a lot of psychedelia and world music… You really should give this a try. It’s a very special album.”
Music Street Journal


Dark Love Songs… ranks certainly as one of the more imaginative efforts anyone will hear in 2016…“ 
Indie Music Reviews


9 out of 10 stars  Dark Love Songs easily rates among the year’s best albums from anyone. There’s rare creativity and daring here that makes the work a charged listening experience. It isn’t just some sonic mope fest either. There is emotional depth here that never flirts with melodrama and features superb musical talents.
Vents Magazine


AUGUST 1, 2016

Danielle French Presents: Miss Scarlett & the Madmen- Dark Love Songs
Now Available on iTunes
The new CD is now available for digital download on iTunes, although unlike physical CD, the digital version is unscented. For a physical, scented copy visit the STORE section of this website.


JULY 2016 

Danielle French Presents: Miss Scarlett & the Madmen- Dark Love Songs on a Radio Station Near You

Tinderbox Music (Minneapolis, MN) is in the process of promoting my new release to campus, public and AAA radio across Canada and the US. The radio campaign is a few weeks in now and the results are starting to come in, with Danielle French Presents: Miss Scarlett & the Madmen ~ Dark Love Songs being added and even charting on campus, AAA and public radio across Canada and the US. 

The following is a full list of stations that have added the disc, with links to their websites (sorted by State/City). Feel free to request songs from Miss Scarlett & the Madmen ~ Dark Love Songs at a station near you- if you don't see a station near you on this list, it just means that they haven't "added" it to their playlist yet. If you have a favorite campus, public or AAA radio station, feel free to reach out to them as well! 


CBC Radio Canada- Sent centrally through the Music Library to all stations throughout Canada

CJSW Calgary, AB, Canada- Light Rotation

CKUA Alberta, Canada- Medium Rotation

KEUL Girdwood, AK- Light Rotation

KHSU Arcata, CA- Added

KDVS Davis, CA- Added

KMUD Redway, CA- Light Rotation

KSSU Sacramento, CA- Light Rotation

KCSB Santa Barbara, CA- Added

KCSS Turlock, CA- Light Rotation

KGNU Boulder, CO- Light Rotation

KMET Denver, CO- Medium Rotation

KOTO Telluride, CO- Light Rotation

WPKN Bridgeport, CT- Light Rotation

WRTC Hartford, CT- Light Rotation

WSIN New Haven, CT- Light Rotation

WHUS Storrs, CT- Light Rotation

WWUH West Hartford, CT- Light Rotation

KTUH Honolulu, HI- Light Rotation

KWLC Decorah, IA- Heavy Rotation

KLCZ Lewiston, ID- Heavy Rotation

KRFP Moscow, ID- Heavy Rotation, CHARTED AT #6

KUOI Mosco, ID- Light Rotation

WEFT Champaign, IL- Light Rotation

WXAV Chicago, IL- Light Rotation

WMMT Whiteburg, KY- Light Rotation

KSLU Hammond, LA- Added

KXUL Monro, LA- Added

KSCL Shreveport, LA- Light Rotation

WMBR Cambridge, MA- Light Rotation

Lasell College Radio Newton MA- Medium Rotataion, CHARTED AT #1- Named "Artist of the Day"!

WUMD North Dartmouth, MA- Light Rotation

WTCC Springfield, MA- Light Rotation

WCFM Williamstown, MA- Light Rotation

WLOY Baltimore, MD- Light Rotation CHARTED AT #2

WERU East Orland, ME- Light Rotation

WRBC Lewiston, ME- Light Rotation

WMPG Portland, ME- Light Rotation

WHFR Dearborn, MN- Medium Rotation

KFAI Minneapolis, MN- Light Rotation

KVSC St. Cloud, MN- Medium Rotation

KMNR Rolla, MO- Light Rotation

KDHX St. Louis, MO- Added

WUAG Greensboro, NC- Added

WNIA Rocky Mount, NC- Heavy Rotation

WLFR Galloway, NJ- Light Rotation

WRRC Lawrenceville, NJ- Medium Rotation

WDWN Auburn, NY- Light Rotation

WBNY Buffalo, NY- Light Rotation

WHCL Clinton, NY- Light Rotation

WRHU Hempstead, NY- Light Rotation

WGFR Queensburg, NY- Added

WITR Rochester, NY- Light Rotation

WRUR Rochester, NY-Light Rotation

WPNR Utica, NY- Light Rotation

WARY Valhalla, NY- Light Rotation

WBGU Bowling Green, OH- Light Rotation

WWSU Dayton, OH- Medium Rotaiton

WDUB Granville, OH- Light Rotation

WMCO New Concord, OH- Light Rotation

KRSC Claremore, OH- Added

KEOL La Grande, OR- Light Rotation

WESS East Stroudsburg, PA- Light Rotation

WPTS Pittsburgh, PA- Light Rotation

WVIA Pittston, PA- - Light Rotation

KVRX Austin, TX- Light Rotation

WERA Arlington, VA- Light Rotation CHARTED AT #2

WCWM Williamsburg, VA- Light Rotation

KTCV Kennewick, WA- Light Rotation CHARTED AT #5

WOJB Hayward, WI- Added

WIPZ Kenosha, WI- Medium Rotation

WORT Madison, WI- Light Rotation

WMSE Milwaukee, WI- Medium Rotation CHARTED AT #17

WMUL Huntington, WV- Medium Rotation

Internet Radio:  
Behind the Music A.V.A. Live Radio- Interview
Celtica Radio Wales
Ear to the Ground    
Ear Bits Radio  
Folkal Point  
IMC Radio  
Independent Share
Indie Outbreak 
Indie Scene Radio
The Josie Show- Interview August 19, 2016

The following outlets have done interviews and/or reviews of the new CD over the past few weeks! 
Palace of Rock- Blog - CD Review   
Vents Magazine- Interview    
American Pride- Interview
BabySue (TM)- Website - CD Review
Indie Music Review- Website - CD Review (9 Stars Out Of 10)

JUNE 2016

Danielle French Presents: Miss Scarlett & the Madmen- Dark Love Songs
Hitting radio waves near you in the coming weeks and NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE

It's been a wonderful journey creating this collection of songs with a collaborative team of co-writers, musicians and producers at the Holiday Music Motel in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin over the past 4 years. I am thrilled to announce that I have hired a US radio tracking firm, Tinderbox Music (Minneapolis, MN) to promote my new release to campus, public and AAA radio across Canada and the US (going for radio adds on June 7), and Dark Love Songs is now available through online ordering (both physically can digitally) through CD Baby, through the STORE  link on my website. It is being serviced to digital download site such as iTunes as well, but may take a few more weeks to appear on those outlets. 

Purchase Danielle French Presents: Miss Scarlett & the Madmen Dark Love Songs through www.cdbaby.com 

In the first week of June, two of my home-province stations have shown tremendous support in playing material from Dark Love Songs on the air! Thanks to CKUA Radio (www.ckua.com) for premiering "It Must Be Roses" on Baba's Mid-Morning Mojo show, and CBC's Katherine Duncan, who did a lovely interview and feature on the new CD on The Key of A, a radio show that presents original music by emerging Alberta artists. More stations will be added in the coming weeks, I will update the list as more information is available!


I am excited to be returning to the The Holiday Music Motel in Sturgeon Bay, WI for another week of co-writing, recording and performing with some of my favourite people in the world at the Love on Holiday songwriting intensive February 7 to 14, 2016. We will culminate the week of songwriting with two live performances at the Third Avenue Playhouse on Friday, February 12 and Saturday, February 13 at 7:30pm.



Greetings & Salutations!

In January 2016 I did an IndieGogo fundraising campaign encouraging friends and fans to pre-order my upcoming CD Danielle French Presents: Miss Scarlett and the Madmen ~ Dark Love Songs through my IndieGogo Pre-Sales Campaign. Pre-selling CD's helps me raise the funds to press and promote the new release and gives the contributor an advance copy before the official CD release date. This project features music that I had the pleasure of co-writing with various artists at The Holiday Music Motel in Sturgeon Bay, WI over the past few years.

The fundraiser was a huge success, the CD's are now pressed- each one contains a unique insert and piece of ephemera and they have been hand-scented with rose oil! The official CD release party will be announced in the coming months!


I am excited to be returning to the The Holiday Music Motel in Sturgeon Bay, WI for another week of co-writing, recording and performing with some of my favourite people in the world at the Dark Songs songwriting intensive October 25 to 31. We will culminate the week of songwriting with two live performances at the Third Avenue Playhouse on Friday October 30th at 7:30pm and Saturday October 31st at 10pm immediately following Rocky Horror Picture.

Danielle French Black Sunday 


Recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studio in Bath, England, Black Sunday is a dream-like song. The singer is addressing a narcissist who has breezed into her life, infecting her with his charm, then destroying her heart without remorse.

Black Sunday features co-producer Tom Gordon, assistant engineer Marco Migliari with Martyn Barker (Billy Bragg, Robert Plant, Shriekback) on drums, Emma Hughes (Kate Nash) on bass and Mandy Todd (Spirit of the Dance touring show) on violin.

It was just over a year ago that Tom Gordon and I ventured to London to see Kate Bush live at the Apollo and afterwards had the opportunity to visit Real World Studio where we recorded Black Sunday. This song will be included on my upcoming CD release Danielle French Presents: Miss Scarlett and the Madmen- Dark Love Songs in early 2016.

Most of the material on this upcoming CD project evolved from a series of co-writing sessions I participated in at The Holiday Music Motel over the past few years and was primarily recorded at Makin' Sausage Music in Milwaukee with co-producer Steve Hamilton. 

JUNE 2015

Begging His Graces 

Over the past three years I have been participating in a series of songwriting intensives at the Holiday Music Motel in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. pAt mAcdonald (formerly of the band Timbuk3- he wrote "The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades") is the creative director at the Holiday Music Motel and has has been instrumental in supporting the creative development of songwriters over the past ten years. 

In June 2015, the songwriters who attended Steel Bridge Songfest surprised pAt with a two-disc tribute CD where the Steel Bridge Artists pay homage to pAt by covering his tunes. "Begging His Graces, the Songs and Sins of pAt mAcdonald" can be purchased at http://holidaymusicmotel.com/tribute.

I am the only Canadian songwriter invited to contribute a track to this compilation. I chose pAt's moody song "Splinters"- recorded at Studio D in Calgary, AB, featuring Bob Fenske on a Chinese drum and percussion and co-produced by Steve Dierkens. 


MAY 2015

Hell on Wheels
I realize things have been a little quiet on my website for the past year, but a lot has been percolating under the surface that I'd like to share with you all. 

I have finished recording a new CD project that was developed from material I have been co-writing at the Holiday Music Motel in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin over the past few years. Being that it has been such a collaborative process, I am calling this new project Miss Scarlett and the Madmen- Dark Love Songs. The recording will be released in early 2016 due to my current work schedule, which in itself is quite exciting...

I have landed a production job on the hit TV Show "Hell on Wheels" that is shot near my hometown of Calgary, Alberta. This position goes until October 2015, so I will be focusing on my music endeavours again once the show wraps. Look out for and IndieGogo pre-sale campaign in the fall to help me raise the funds necessary to replicate and market the new CD.

MAY 2014

I received a fan email through myYouTube account from a fellow named Christopher Edwards who was inspired to create a video to my song Harsh Reality, asking my permission to post it. I think he did a fabulous job and I'm pleased to share it with you all! 

*Remember to hit the pause button on the automatic audio player on the top of this website so the audio doesn't conflict with the audio in the video. 

APRIL 2014
Thanks to a generous professional development grant from the Calgary Arts Development Authority, I will be spending the month of May in Nashville, Tennessee working with vocal coach Julie Christensen for intensive period of time. As I am preparing to into the studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the end of May, Julie will help me with my vocal delivery on the material I will be recording in order to capture the best possible vocal performances on the upcoming CD. 


Julie Christensen is a seasoned performer and professional vocal coach who, on top of having a successful solo career, has sang with artists such as Lou Reed, Steve Wynn, Van Dyke Parks, and she toured singing back up for Leonard Cohen for 10 years. I have been wanting to work with Julie since meeting her at the Folk Alliance conference in 2012, and I am grateful to CADA for helping my dream come true!

You can spot Julie in this classic Leonard Cohen video- Closing Time (she is one of the sexy back up singers, naturally!).