Miss Scarlett & the Madmen - Dark Love Songs

by Danielle French

Scarlett Raven Productions
Scarlett Raven Productions
Danielle's music has been described as "beautiful strangeness”.

Cruising through the ether with fellow artists like Jane Siberry, Danielle is possessed of a diverse and slightly surreal talent. ~ Canadian Musician Magazine.
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    Black Sunday

    Black Sunday

    You only came round long enough
    To try and wake the dead
    The fireflies were all inside
    Tucked safely in their beds
    You made the sign of the cross
    Across your chest before you left
    The rest of us oblivious
    That you had came and went 

    I myself was lost and found
    And trying to get some sleep
    When I was woken with a start
    To find you at my feet
    All I heard was screaming
    In my head and in the street
    I walked alone by candlelight
    To see what I could see 

    I woke up the next morning
    And the secrets were revealed
    Some were broke and trampled
    Some left shivering in the fields
    All were staring at the sky
    To see what it would say
    No one will ever forget
    This blackest of Sundays

    I’m sure that you’d be pleased to know
    The damage you had done
    We tried our best to keep the streets
    All safe for everyone
    We only let our guard down
    Long enough to take a breath
    And in you came like fire and rain
    Thinking only of yourself


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    Last Goodbye

    Last Goodbye

    Black as this night without you
    Black like my lover’s hair
    Black like a raven at midnight
    Black I can’t find you here 

    Deep like our love undying
    Deep like an endless kiss
    Deep as an ocean fathom
    Deep the parting of your lips 

    Cold as this steel blue morning
    Cold as a the church bells tolling
    Cold as this truth unfolding
    Cold as your skin to my touch

    Sweet as I kiss your forehead
    Sweet as I whisper softly
    Sweet like the tears I cry
    As I say the last goodbye

  • 03:25 Story Lyrics
    Take My Love

    Take My Love

    Razor’s edge and little deaths
    Are bleeding into one
    In the dark we found our spark
    Our shadows become one

    Break my heart
    Or take my love
    Break my heart
    Or take my love

    Comets tails all stars aligned
    The future has begun
    Together walking backwards
    As we stare into the sun 

    If you’re going to break my heart
    Then go on and do your stuff
    But if you’re in for real then
    Go on and take my love 

    Sticks and stones and broken bones
    Are all likely outcomes
    Baby’s breath and dragon’s tails
    The circle’s come undone 

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    This is Why We Drink

    This is Why We Drink

    London bridge is falling down
    And none of us can swim
    The politicians lie to us
    To the moon and back again

    I can’t take it anymore
    It makes you stop and think
    The whole wide world is going to hell
    So this is why I drink

    Children in the sandbox
    We teach them to play nice
    While we send missiles overseas
    We are not men but mice

    All of this hypocrisy
    Well whose shit doesn’t stink
    We’re all liars thieves and fools
    And this is why I drink 

    What’s the matter, what’s the use?
    Why bother even try
    When corporations run the world
    While starving children die

    Just to think our meager lives
    Are over in a wink
    We contemplate mortality
    And this is why we drink

Genre: AAA/Indie/Folk
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